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Double glazed PVC windows have now become one of lives essential must have items. If the house you are looking to purchase has not had replacement double glazing then you certainly have a good negotiating point. The lack of maintenance is high on most people’s priority today, If your working you don’t have the time to paint and repair, if your retired you don’t want the strain of going up ladders and potentially having an accident.

Comfort is also up their, with electric,gas and oil at an all time high the less cold and draft that comes in the lower you energy bills will be. The new generation of PVC windows are built to a much better standard of heat insulation than the earlier types of PVC windows. We as an Industry now replace as many of the old PVC windows as we do wood windows.

Security of windows and doors has become much more important to all of us, not so many years ago in Cornwall we would happily leave the back door unlocked.

But as the years have moved on and the influx of more undesirable sectors of society are moving in we all feel the need to lock up and feel secure. Todays double glazed windows offer a level of security that makes the most nervous of us sleep soundly at night.

If outside noise is a constant irritation then knowing our windows have one of the widest air gaps between the panes of glass will be a comforting thought. The further apart the panes are the more noise reduction you will achieve, So if it’s the traffic outside your window that irritating you or nextdoors kids playing ball our quality double glazing can relax and de-stress you.

Designing the style of windows for your property can make or break the appearance and resale value of your home, We take pride in listening to your ideas and mixing them with the many clients projects we have been involved in over the last 20 years. You need people to help you achieve the look you require not tell you what you must have.



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